Our Vision

We seek to grow in God’s word and share God’s love.


Our Mission

Living out the gospel of Jesus Christ through unconditional love.


Our Beliefs

Presbyterians believe in the God of the Trinity: Creator, Son, and Holy Spirit. The Bible is our guide for living. We believe that it is the inspired word of God and with the guidance of the Holy Spirit speaks to us in our contemporary times.

We celebrate two sacraments, the sacrament of Baptism and the sacrament of Holy Communion. We practice both infant and adult baptisms. Our Communion is open to all who have faith in Jesus Christ and have been baptized.

Presbyterians believe that Jesus is God incarnate (in the flesh). Jesus came into this world to reconcile us to God. Sin is anything┬áthat separates us from God and one another. Jesus came to bring forgiveness for our sins (which we all carry) and to reconcile us once and for all with God. We believe that through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ we have received the gift of God’s forgiveness and grace. We are saved by this grace through our faith in Jesus Christ. Salvation is available to all who seek it.

Prayer is the means by which we connect ourselves intentionally with God. We are called to pray for those who are sick, lost, broken, hungry, homeless, and in need of God’s care. We are also called to express our gratitude to God for the many blessings we experience in our lives. We believe that time spent in quiet reflection with God is important in strengthening our relationship with God.