In the PCUSA, both lay and clergy persons are valued equally. FPC (as with every individual congregation) has three church boards: the Session, the Board of Trustees and the Board of Deacons. Each elected officer serves on their respective boards for a three year term.


The Session, which is the governing body of the church, is made up of twelve ordained elders, and is moderated by the pastor. The Session is responsible for the life and ministry of FPC. Particular responsibilities include:  leading the congregation in mission, worship, administration of the sacraments, educational programing, pastoral care, fellowship and more.

Session Members:

Class of 2020

  • Nancy Baileys
  • Nikki Hogarth
  • Lisa Maharry
  • Karen McNeal
  • Bill Rietz

Class of 2021

  • Jeff Easterday
  • Peggy Hawse
  • Delia Herzog
  • Stephanie Mampe

Class of 2022

  • Lynn Burke
  • Cathy Courtice
  • Richard Thayer


The Board of Deacons is the caring arm of the church. The Deacons serve the congregation with compassion and kindness, following Christ’s example. The ministry of the Board of Deacons includes: funeral meals, visitation, Willow Brook worship service, pastoral care and congregational care.

Board of Deacons:

Class of 2020

  • Kit Gordon
  • Michele King
  • John McNeal
  • Jennifer Shaw

Class of 2021

  • Judy England
  • Jeanne Wasil
  • Teri York
  • Kathy Duis

Class of 2022

  • Jack Flury
  • Leslie Flury
  • Vicky Grubbs
  • Jane Sprague


The Board of Trustees is responsible for the preservation and maintenance of the church building, apartments, Unity House, parking lots and all other FPC properties. FPC makes its properties available to the community and for the ministry of Jesus Christ.

Board of Trustees are:


Bob Douds, Sr.

Class of 2020

  • T.K. Cellar
  • Bob Douds, Jr.
  • Bob Wattenschaidt

Class of 2021

  • Keith Burns
  • Dave McCauslen
  • Sean Miller

Class of 2022

  • Phil Grubbs
  • Rex Welker