We have a dynamic traditional service to worship God, study Christ’s teachings, and discover the Holy Spirit. Although there are occasional variations to the service for Youth Sunday, cantatas, youth musicals, most Sundays follow a basic structure for worship: call to worship, prayer of confession, scripture lesson, children’s moment, sermon, prayers of the people and the Lord’s prayer, an offering, and a final charge and benediction. Music is sprinkled throughout the service.

Parts of the Service



The music starts 10 minutes before the scheduled service time. It is a time to prepare for worship.

Lighting of the Candles

An acolyte, often a child, brings the light of Christ into the sanctuary as we begin worship. The acolyte takes the light out at the end of the service during the last hymn.

Call to Worship

A lay reader leads the congregation in a reading and choral response to focus our worship on the One who unites us.

Prayer of Confession

This is a scripted choral confession that the congregation reads together. Time for a silent, private confession follows.

Scripture Lesson

The lay reader reads the first bible passage. The minister reads the second bible passage before the sermon. One passage is usually from the Old Testament, and one passage is from the New Testament.

Children’s Moment

The children are invited to come forward and receive a short lesson lead by a church member. Children in grades preschool-6 will then be dismissed to Sunday School.


The minister delivers a message based on the bible passages.

Prayers of the People

An elder gives a prayer for people of our church, community, and world. The elder often finishes by leading the congregation in saying the Lord’s prayer together.


Ushers pass offering plates through the congregation while music is played.

Charge and Benediction

The lay reader charges the congregation to spread God’s love in our community and the minister provides a final blessing.

The Sacraments of Baptism and Communion

We celebrate the sacraments during some worship services.