Laundry Love Update, October 2020

In March, the pandemic forced us to switch gears in many ways including in how we served our community through Laundry Love. We had to cancel the March service as we met to figure out just what to do. Starting in April, 2020 we began a new system for Laundry Love that allowed our  guests to continue to take part in this ministry. In April we called our most frequent laundry love guests, based on 6 months of sign-in sheets, and invited them to make an appointment to do their laundry. We provided the laundry mat with a list of names, a supply of quarters, and lots of detergent and dryer sheets. Initially we invited approximately 35 families to participate in this socially-distanced Laundry Love format. We have operated under “word of mouth” rather than community advertisement as our ability to help on site with this ministry was no longer an option. As of October 15th we are serving approximately 30-32 families per month under this method. Since April we have provided support to do over 200 loads of laundry for those who need it most. Although we are not able to operate at full capacity, your continued support of this ministry is so important! We look forward to the day when we can gather once again to share stories, a meal, and most importantly the love of Christ at the laundry mat.
In Grace and Peace, Your Laundry Love Team

What is Laundry Love?

Laundry Love is a ministry started by First Presbyterian Church to help alleviate the cost of doing laundry outside the home for many of our Delaware neighbors who have no other option. The cost of doing one load of laundry at a laundry mat is on average $8-10, which can add up quickly for a single household. Laundry Love serves the families who live at the White Sands mobile home park every other Tuesday and invites the entire community to attend a free laundry night on the 4th Wednesday of each month.

2018 was a tremendous year for Laundry Love where we reached new levels of community involvement and created lasting relationships throughout the community. In addition to growing our relationship with families within our community, Laundry Love days have fostered relationships with other churches in Delaware. William Street United Methodist Church, St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, St. Mark’s Evangelical Lutheran Church, and Terra Nova all answered the call for community partnership by supplying volunteers, laundry supplies, and donations. The contributions of our greater faith community, the Delaware community and volunteers have allowed us to provide soap, dryer sheets, quarter drives, food and more to those who need our help. The impact of Laundry Love will continue to provide a life changing glimpse into the lives of our underserved community here in Delaware.