Laundry Love Update

The third year of our Laundry Love Ministry experienced a unique challenge in 2020 with the existence of the Covid–19 pandemic. Instead of holding a monthly event and twice a month trips from White Sands, FPC has comprised a list of families from past sign-in sheets and White Sands participants. The list consists of those who are eligible to receive laundry assistance. Matt Walls continues to update this list with new additions as we learn of others who are in need of our help as discovered through other ministries or referrals. The clients’ names are then given to the laundry mat, Super Wash and Tan, along with financial support to cover the laundry expense. Families sign in at the laundry mat in order to receive assistance. Laundry Love receives contributions from many sources – other churches, businesses, community and fraternal organizations, our own members and from the Mission Discretionary Fund. These contributions are both financial donations and laundry product donations. The Laundry Love expense is approximately $800-$1,000 per month.
In need of laundry assistance? Call our church office: 740-363-1205