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What is Laundry Love?

The Laundry Love program was birthed out of the discovered need and lack of accessibility of clean clothing for many in our community. Since 2017, we have served over 400 families/individuals, with over 40% consistently over the age of 55. The need for a ministry of this type is known across the country, however it had previously gone unaddressed in Delaware County. Our work since 2017 has proven this need and we have been given firsthand witness to the impact that it has for the families we partner with. There are clear health benefits, both mental and physical, that clean clothes and bedding provide.
Laundry Love meets on the second and fourth week of each month in partnership with Super Wash on 256 South Sandusky Street in Delaware, Ohio. We assist an average of 60 individuals with 135 loads of laundry per Laundry Love night. We only require sign up on arrival. Light food or snack is often offered while waiting for laundry services to finish.
Laundry Love receives contributions and help from our church members and our many community partners who make this ministry possible. We are grateful to have such string support for this beneficial mission.