An important piece of the history of First Presbyterian Church includes Dr. Horace Newton Allen and his wife, Frances Ann Messenger Allen. Both were graduates of Ohio Wesleyan University and members of FPC. In 1883 the pair left Delaware as medical missionaries landing for a brief time in China before making their home in Korea.

Dr. Allen founded the Presbyterian Church of Korea and became U.S. ambassador to the country. Dr. Allen was instrumental in bringing modern medical care to the Korean people and establishing its health care system. He also translated the Bible from English into Korean.

In 2007, at the invitation of the Namdaemoon Presbyterian Church, 3 members of our congregation traveled to Seoul S. Korea. There they celebrated the 120 th anniversary of the founding of the Namdaemoon Church and the close connection our two congregations share because of the faithful mission work completed by Dr. Horace and Frances Allen.

In February of 2011, 21 representatives from the Namdaemoon Presbyterian Church traveled to Delaware Ohio to participate in the celebration of our congregation’s 200 th anniversary. Our Korean brothers and sisters participated in our Sunday Worship Service, prepared and hosted a traditional Korean congregational meal, and attended a play that had been written about Dr. Horace Allen. During their visit the group also toured Ohio Wesleyan University exploring its collection of Horace Allen documents and artifacts. They then traveled to Toledo to visit the gravesite of Dr. Allen and toured the U.S. Air Force Museum in Dayton

In 2015, another group from First Presbyterian Church traveled back to Seoul S. Korean. Rev. Deb Patterson was invited to preach at the morning worship services (with the assistance of an interpreter ). In the afternoon, FPC organist Dr. Joe Musser performed an organ piece he had composed for the Namdaemoon celebration. Our visit was filled with very interesting tours, delicious food and time for fellowship.

Both congregations feel blessed by the relationship we share in Jesus Christ.