Each Sunday at 10:00am we begin our worship service. Our service could be defined as creative with a traditional feel. Worship is a time for us to gather together to praise God, grow in our understanding of Jesus Christ and his teachings. During designated services we celebrate the sacraments of Baptism and Holy Communion. Throughout the year you will find many different variations in our worship style, such as Jazz, Children’s Musicals, Storytelling, Dramatic Presentations and more. Our services are thoughtfully planned and seek to leave us centered on God in Christ and focused on our call to be loving disciples.


Parts of the Service


The music starts 10 minutes before the scheduled service time (10:00 am). This
quiet time allows us to prepare ourselves to become centered and focused for

Lighting the Candles

An acolyte, often a child, brings the light of Christ into the sanctuary as we begin worship. The acolyte takes the light out at the end of the service during the last hymn.

Call to Worship

A responsive reading is lead by the worship leader bringing our focus and hearts
together for worship.


Through out the worship service 3 different hymns are sung by the congregation.

Prayer of Confession

A corporate confession which is written in the bulletin is read in unison. There is
time left for Silent personal confession.

Assurance of Pardon

This is in the bulletin and is read responsively with the pastor. The assurance is that
in Jesus Christ we are forgiven, always.

Prayer for Illumination

This prayer is offered by the worship leader asking for the Holy Spirit to open our
hearts and minds to the reading and hearing of the morning’s Bible passages and to
guide our understanding of them and the words spoken by the preacher.

Scripture Lessons

It is customary during our worship service to read at least two passages from the
Bible. The first passage is read by the worship leader following the prayer for
illumination. The second is read by the pastor prior to the sermon.


A musical offering, selected for the day, is presented by the one of the church choirs.

Children’s Moment

The children are invited to come forward and sit on the chancel steps. A short
lesson often on the topic for the day is lead by a member of the congregation.
Children in preschool through 7th grade will then be dismissed to Sunday School.


The time when the minister/preacher delivers a message based on the days Bible

Prayers of the People

The pastor or one of the elders offer a prayer of thanksgiving and intercession for
those in the church in need, friends of the church, other churches, the Delaware
community, our nation, the world. We are constantly praying for peace and
understanding for the world. We generally end this prayer time saying the Lord’s
Prayer together. (We use “debts and debtors)


At this time in the service we receive the financial gifts of the church. These
resources are dedicated, along with ourselves as offerings to God. We seek always
to spread works of love and justice in the world.

Charge and Benediction

The worship leader charges the congregation to spread God’s word andlove in our
community and beyond and a final blessing if offered by the minister.

The Sacraments of Baptism and Holy Communion

These sacraments are offered during worship at the discretion of our Session
(governing body). We celebrate baptisms as requested by individuals/families.
We celebrate Holy Communion approximately 12 times a year.