As part of a small congregation, we often consider this our church family. Our mission to provide a nurturing, vital, Christian fellowship, calls us to respond in a variety of ways.



An important part of our mission to each other is to pray. We pray for healing, guidance, and peace for one another.  We name friends and family to include in our prayers at the beginning of worship, and also print names in our bulletin. This helps us to keep each other in prayer during the week.


Words of Love and Comfort

We share our love for Christ with our words, sometimes spoken and sometime written. Our deacons provide cards and envelopes after worship on occasion, so we can write notes together. We also list homebound members and special birthdays or anniversaries in our monthly newsletter so we can share our love in a personal way.


Helping Hands

We also support our church and each other in a variety of ways. We may help provide a meal for someone who is sick or going through surgery. We may weed the beds around the church building, rake leaves, or shovel snow on the sidewalks. Although the activities we do for our church family may vary, it is important for us to remember to respond to God’s call with loving actions.